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  • Ten design principles of Dieter Rams

    Earlier this month, Clearleft went on a company outing to the Design Museum in London. There we spent some quality time perusing the work of the influential former Braun industrial designer, Dieter Rams. These are his ten principles for good design.

  • The Aeron Experience

    So I just bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair for the home office. Extravagant? Perhaps; but it was it worth it?

  • Sony reliability or not

    Straw poll: anyone else had problems with a Sony Ericsson T68i? I’ve just sent mine for repair under warranty. A minimum two weeks just to look at it, and point blank no replacement phone, says it all to me.

  • MGB Roadster

    If you are on the market for a beautifully restored 1969 MGB Roadster, then friend and colleague, Darren, would love to hear from you. Full details and price are available online.

  • In the Box

    “It’s not because he’s American and it’s not because the British are evil. Fundamentally, simply, basically, finally he’s just hated because he’s a twat.” On an unrelated note, get yerself over to Whitespace, a great new blog focussing…

  • Fastest rollovers

    Pixy demonstrates superfast rollovers simply by shifting the position of a single image. Antenna demonstrates the power of the human mind.

  • corned beef

    Argentina 0 : England 1. Need I say more? Nice to see Tyson’s taken a pasting too.

  • 126

    Last night Auntie Beeb tested the IQ of the nation (ie the UK). While results thus far are not exactly fascinating and do more to highlight distribution of the connected public than anything else, it does provide a decent opportunity to test one’s IQ. As a lasped…

  • Squad

    For those who care, the England World Cup squad is released on the FA site.