Cricket for the masses blog posts

  • Unbelievable

    Not the best team in the land, not even the best team in Liverpool, but still champions of Europe. I’m not bitter. Update: A dry explanation of the photo for my international readers. The footballer pictured is Steven Gerrard. He is captain of Liverpool Football…

  • Pam Ayres on a morphine drip

    Fabulous quote from Rick Broadbent in today?s Times, comparing Arsenal with Chelsea (come on you Blues!)

  • Footie mad

    So Euro 2004 is almost upon us and the hysteria of England’s imminent success (no really) is starting to pervade even the most level-headed of British bloggers.

  • Ecstatic

    What a couple of days it’s been for Champions League football. As Chelsea finally beat Arsenal after 17 previous attempts I was whirling around like a dervish, veins coursing with adrenalin and endorphins.

  • Upgrade some more!

    Zeldman has added his thoughts to the Upgrade Now message debate [inner-self jigs around the office, singing ‘I got a link from Zeldman’]. With the demise of 4.0 browsers and that fact that fewer and fewer clients insist on giving those users exactly the same…

  • A wicked googly

    Those of you who follow Jason Kottke’s fine blog will have recently read a post concerning his incomprehension of an article on cricket. An excerpt from the article in question (in the Guardian): The Yorkshireman Len Hutton was so eager to let loose Frank…

  • Silly mid off

    For all that’s good about imperial Englishness, I urge you to listen to Test Match Special Live. Don’t know your silly point from your backward point? Confused between gully and slip? Unsure of the difference between mid on and mid off? Well, no more: the Test Match…